The DMK is a very dynamic entity. To be elected to a party post here is much more difficult than getting into a position of governance. It is not only considered prestigious to be holding a party position within such a dynamic and democratic Dravidian socio-political outfit, but it is also perceived as a matter of pride to succeed and go up the ladder within a party that as 2 generations of followers and a growing number of young people, ambitious to do their bit for the party.

In this background to gain party positions was doubly difficult for MK Stalin, often dubbed as the “heir apparent” by the media. Brushing aside such remarks, MK Stalin once remarked, “ In the DMK one can become an MLA or a Minister without much experience in the party. But to be chosen for a party post, one has to work hard and must be thorough. Ours is a democratic party and members vote to elect leaders to various positions. No one gets appointed at the top straight away.” – “Even if he is the party President’s son,” – That implied statement went unsaid.

MK Stalin

True to the expectations of the party, the leadership and his own high benchmarks for self, MK Stalin worked hard and thorough, staying passionate about his party work all through his political career. To share a thought from his wife Durga, MK Stalin apparently told her immediately after their wedding that, “You have now come into a political family. For me, my party comes first, and everything else including family stand way behind my party and my work. ” His dedication and clarity of purpose were hard to beat, right from those early days of work.

The position as Treasurer of the party came after many years of political challenges and learning. His steady growth within the party and his ability to learn the nuances and add the much-needed differentiation to the position he gets elected to, stand testimony to how he saw everyday as an opportunity hone his skills to deliver public service, with finesses and elan.

After close to 4 decades of working with grassroots people of the land, he was elected as the Treasurer of the DMK party in 2009. In this role, his vital contributions to the party are:

  • Gave away a purse of honorarium to senior office bearers of the party
  • Spearheaded and worked tirelessly during the 2009 Parliamentary election campaign for the party in Tamil Nadu, giving the party a resounding victory
  • MK Stalin continues to add value to the party in supporting public causes through the party funds, in his capacity as the Treasurer and Youth Wing Secretary, even if the party is not in government.
  • With a keen and sharp eye to detail and with a clear sense of what needs to be prioritized, backed and supported, MK Stalin may well be setting the highest benchmark for this position within his party, for posterity.