MK Stalin on the Power of Thoughts

You are what you think.
You think what you experience.
You experience what you create in your mind. It’s a cycle.
Your thoughts shape your life. Keep them pure.

MK Stalin

On Leadership

Leadership is not about leading a few people to achieve your goals.
It’s about being lead, by a few people who share your vision.

On Governance

Governance is dynamic. It’s always a challenge. You can’t come to the table, with the hope of following a rule book.
You must think beyond the book, and act with compassion.

On Small Achievements

Small achievements are powerful motivators.
Aim for them. Build on that energy to move up.

On Friendship

Friendships are built on trust. And with that one quality, it starts or ends.

On Being Responsible

Successful execution of responsibilities helps you shape up as a person.
“Being responsible” doesn’t come without effort.