Economic Superiority through An Empowered Federal Structure

Towards that end, the coming years will see the DMK and our allies focusing on Peace and Prosperity through Performance .

Immaterial of which part of the nation we all come from, as Indians we are brethren, rubbing shoulders and working towards an enriched and purposeful life for all. When we set our goals towards the collective good for all, the individual’s needs and aspirations are addressed in the process. A sense of nationhood and a collective identity has somewhere gone missing in the last few decades, and much of our problems as a nation are because of our inability to understand our strength as a cohesive unit; as Indians.

I dream of an India as:

1. A nation where people can dare to dream, without being fettered by region, religion, caste, community and economy.

2. A nation where people don’t have to fight for peace.

3. A nation where laws are not about taking freedom away, but for helping citizens make the most of their lives.

4. A nation where every region understands its strengths, while appreciating the value of her neighbors.

5. A nation where the Federal structure stands strengthened by greater autonomy within the precincts of our great constitution, without one-upmanship or brinkmanship from any political party or leader.

6. A citizenry that is empowered through good health, education and skills to take on global opportunities with confidence.

7. A nation that creates unparalleled opportunities for her people by supporting the creation of strong enterprises.

8. A nation that creates capitalistic market policies that support social responsibility and welfare measures.

9. A nation whose economic rise is not at the cost of its environment.

10. A land which has a strong naval, air and defence force, yet centers her external affairs around peace and progress for her, and for her region.

11. A nation where every policy making mechanism creates an environment for excellence, and ethical practices.

12. A nation that celebrates her diversity, through unity.

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