Prepares Kolathur to become monsoon ready

On the 11th of August, 2014, Thiru M.K. Stalin dedicated Jet Rodding Machines to the people of Kolathur Constituency. In order to solve the water logging problems, machines with super suction and de-silting functionalities have been introduced in Kolathur. These machines prevent water logging in low lying areas and thereby the inconvenience caused to commuters during monsoon season.

Kolathur is a place where water logging issues have always been prevalent during monsoon and have only worsened in the past few years. In the capacity of the MLA of Kolathur constituency, M.K. Stalin implemented this project to solve this problem once and for all. Mr. Stalin dedicated 27 Jet Rodding machines and de-silting equipments to remove the sewer blocks and flush the pipelines, taking the total number of Jet Rodding machines in service of Kolathur to 84.

Chennai Metro Water department was also unable to mechanize its sewer cleaning work effectively in recent times. When this was brought to the notice of Mr. Stalin, he ordered for 7 more equipment to aid the water departments efforts.

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