Launched 3 nutrition meal centres

Kolathur MLA M.K.Stalin has started three nutrition meal centres in Kolathur Constituency. In a function held at Perambalur on 11th August, 2014, Mr. Stalin has inaugurated three nutrition meal centres that would immensely benefit the people of Kolathur Constituency. These meal centres worth Rs. 1.05 Crores have been supported under the Kolathur MLA Constituency Development Fund. The beneficiaries of this scheme are school children from Kolathur’s G.K.M colony, 27thstreet. Jaibiim nagar and Maduraisami madam area.

Mr. Stalin mentioned at the launch that he is committed to improving the area to a higher level. These nutrition meal centres will ensure that the poor children of the constituency attend school and at the same time receive nutritious and hygienic meals to sustain themselves.

In a statement given by M.K. Stalin, he has asserted that all improvement activities for Kolathur has nearly ceased due to intentional stalling of projects by the majority party. He also insisted that all the development activities that was planned and was being executed during DMK period was suppressed by the current ruling party. He felt bad for such an action and also made strong remarks against the corporation of Chennai who hasn’t taken up the work related to his constituency in spite of repeated requests and follow ups.

M.K. Stalin felt very enthusiastic for providing beneficial projects such as the nutrition meal centres in Kolathur and is looking forward to further improve the area with many more development activities.

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