Chennai | 10/03/2016 |

Thalapathy MK Stalin said, “The miseries of the agricultural community are increasing by the day.” Even at its final phase, the ADMK has no consideration for the agrarian community. The brutal attack on Balan, a Thanjavur based farmer, reflects the apathy of the government toward the farmers. Thalapathy expressed shock over the whatsapp video clip in which the police assaulted the farmer for not paying his due on time to a private banker. Balan had obtained a loan of Rs. 3.8 lakhs from a private banker in 2011 to purchase a tractor and had already paid six installments at the rate of Rs. 64,000 per installment. As he incurred losses due to the recent floods, he requested the banker to provide him grace time to pay the remaining dues. However, no mercy was shown to the Papanadu farmer by the banker or the police. Apart from seizing the tractor, they have also assaulted and arrested him. Even worse, they have demanded a bribe in order to avoid a legal suit being filed against him. It is shocking to see that the police have violated human rights to work in favor of a private banker.    

Thalapathy MK Stalin demanded the arrest of the private bank employees and the suspension of the police inspector Kumarasamy involved in the case. Thalapathy MK Stalin said, “Already the agrarian community is struggling for survival, and unleashing violence on them at this juncture is inhuman. I request the DGP of law and order to provide strict instructions to the police and warn them not to work in favor of private bankers.

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