Chennai | 06/03/2016 |

Thalapathy MK Stalin interacted with “Makkal Nala Panizhalargal” as a part of the Namakku Naame campaign. About 13,500 Makkal Nala Panizhalargal were appointed by Thalaivar Kalaignar on 2.8.1989 to work for the welfare of the people of the state. Thalapathy MK Stalin reminded them how the ADMK betrayed them on 13.7.1991, 1.6.2001 and 8.11.2011. Not only did Jayalalitha snatch the livelihood of the Makkal Nala Panizhalargal, but also was the sole reason behind the suicide of 226 workers. Despite protests and court orders, the ADMK government has been remorseless and insolent.
Thalapathy MK Stalin said, “Most political parties of today make tall claims and false promises to mystify the people into voting for their parties. Election manifestos need to be realistic and achievable. During the last election, the DMK election manifesto was strong enough to be the “election hero” but trusting the fancy words and impossible promises of Ms. Jayalalitha and her party, people voted her in. Unfortunately, Tamil Nadu has borne the brunt of that, by witnessing an inactive and inefficient government where no solid schemes were implemented in the last five years.” Thalapathy MK Stalin also asked them to be patient for 70 more days. He said, “Once DMK is in power, Thalaivar Kalaignar will reinstitute your positions and jobs.”

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