Chennai | 02/03/2016 |

Thalapathy MK Stalin said, "It is surprising that the 49 ADMK MPs have broken that long silence and disrupted both houses of the parliament." In the past five years, the ADMK government in Tamil Nadu never allowed members of the opposition parties to raise issues faced by the people in the legislative assembly, the only freedom of expression allowed in the assembly was "Praising Amma." If the opposition tried to get the attention of the house on public issues, they immediately get evicted from the house. The ADMK, which nurtured such a culture in the legislative assembly, has all of a sudden disrupted both the houses of the parliament.
Thalapathy MK Stalin regretted the long silence maintained by ADMK MPs in the parliament all these years. Not a single question was asked about the unfulfilled demands of the state, such as insufficient fund allocation for various projects in Tamil Nadu, denial of funds by the center for desalination plants, lack of essential projects for the state in the railway budget, denial of Rs. 25,000 crores as compensation for the agricultural losses due to floods, ban on the traditional sport of Jallikattu, or unsolved TN fishermen – Sri Lankan navy issue among others.
Thalapathy MK Stalin, during his speech in the “Needhi Ketkum Perani,” ridiculed that Jayalalitha silenced the ADMK MPs for a selfish reason. People started wondering what the 37 elected MPs and the Rajya Sabha MPs were doing in Delhi. In order to prove that they can raise their voice in Delhi, they have disrupted both the parliamentary houses. However, this incident has only bolstered the statement of Thalapathy. At the fag end of the ADMK rule, the MPs have created a ruckus in the parliamentary only to show that they are working hard for the people of Tamil Nadu. Thalapathy MK Stalin said, “Chief Minister Jayalalitha should understand that the people of Tamil Nadu are fed up of the eleventh hour dramas played by the ADMK in St. George Fort and at the parliament in Delhi.”

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