Chennai | 01/03/2016 |

Thalapathy MK Stalin wrote an emotional epistle on his birthday to the party cadres. Thalapathy MK Stalin, first of all, thanked all the party cadres for their strong faith in him. He appreciated them for following every one of his commands ranging from “Do not participate in the Namakku Naame journey” to “Do not celebrate my birthday.” Thalapathy exclaimed that the members of the party had a thorough understanding of his mission and maintained strict discipline. He explained that his intention was not to ignore the party men, but it was all for the good of the people across Tamil Nadu. Thalapathy MK Stalin was glad that the party cadres carried out a door to door campaign as per his request. He said that the door to door campaign organized by the party cadres revealed their strong feelings toward removing the anti-people ADMK government. Thalapathy MK Stalin also reminisced that the Namakku Naame journey, which began with the blessings of Thalaivar Kalaignar on 20th September at Kanyakumari and ended on 12th February at T-Nagar, Chennai. Thalapathy traveled about 11,100 Kms across 234 constituencies interacting with people from various walks of life. This Namakku Naame journey will indeed be recorded as one of the greatest events in the history of Tamil Nadu. Thalaivar Kalaignar’s epistle on the Namakku Naame journey is the apt appreciation for Thalapathy’s tireless work and dedication.    
Thalapathy MK Stalin described the Namakku Naame journey as one of the unforgettable events of his life. Thalapathy conveyed his heartfelt thanks to party cadres for extending moral and physical support for successful completion of the great event. While the Namakku Naame journey provided Thalapathy MK Stalin an opportunity to understand the sufferings of the people under the anti-people ADMK government, it also provided him with an opportunity to remind the people of the achievements of the DMK government. Thalapathy said that the interaction with people from various sectors, such as farmers, weavers, laborers, women, students, teachers, doctors, IT professionals, advocates, entrepreneurs, youth, business people, musicians, sculptors, folk artists, tribal people, and the backward classes provided him with an insight for excellent governance. Thalapathy MK Stalin said that the Mudiyattum-Vidiyattum Namakku Naame journey would not have been possible but for the support of the beloved party men. While Thalapathy attributed the success of the Namakku Naame campaign to the party cadres, he also said that it was his desire to thank everyone personally. Thalapathy also regretted his inability to visit the homes of dedicated party workers during his Namakku Naame journey across the 234 constituencies of Tamil Nadu. However, Thalapathy appreciated the party cadres for their understanding and letting the neutral people to freely convey their thoughts to him during the journey. Both the allies and the opposition parties were stunned by the orderliness of the DMK cadres that allowed Thalapathy to focus on his mission during the Namakku Naame journey. Thalapathy once again thanked everyone in the party who involved themselves in a dedicated manner for the success of the journey. He also thanked the media for their positive views on the Namakku Naame journey. Thalapathy MK Stalin also requested the party members to provide suggestions and ideas for good governance of the forthcoming DMK government. He also invited the party cadres to join him in his journey, after the assembly election.

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