Chennai | 28/02/2016 |

Thalapathy MK Stalin regretted that over 86-lakh unemployed youth unemployed in Tamil Nadu. It is unfortunate that the ADMK government has shunned transparency in the appointment of government officials. The irregularities in the appointment have become obvious at the final phase of the ADMK government. Various government employees’ associations have accused the ADMK government’s biased nature in the appointments of VCs, college teachers, and other government officials.  Earlier the government appointed ADMK advocates as the board members of the TNPSC. The ADMK government has ignored seniority and qualification, when it comes to employment and provides employment to those who can afford to pay hefty sums. The recent appointment of 40 APROs (Assistant Public Relationship Officers) on 26th February has exposed the corruption and irregularities to the public. While Srirangam ADMK MLA Valarmathi’s son has been one among the 40, others have paid up to Rs. 20 lakhs for the appointment.
Thalapathy MK Stalin said, “At this final phase, the ADMK government is hurriedly appointing several government officials in a biased manner. When DMK forms the government, a full-fledged enquiry will be ordered into the appointments hurriedly made by the ADMK government. All of the procedures including reservation, qualification, and transparency will be followed in the appointment of government employees.”

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