Kolathur MLA MK Stalin along with his constituents stages a massive protest against ADMK govt. and Chennai Corporation

Kolathur MLA MK Stalin along with his constituents staged a massive protest against the inaction of the ADMK government and Chennai Corporation in executing various welfare schemes that are specific to Kolathur. Residents of Kolathur constituency are aware of the various benevolent initiatives taken by their elected representative Thalapathy MK Stalin. In spite of Thalapathy MK Stalin’s tireless work, some of the areas in the Kolathur constituency continue to experience low development and a few issues not addressed. Both the government and the corporation of Chennai have been lethargic in carrying out works that would benefit the residents of Kolathur constituency. Kolathur MLA MK Stalin listed out the various pending works in the constituency. In spite of repeated requests and follow up from Kolathur MLA MK Stalin’s office the following list of issues still remain:

  • Various civic works in the constituency, under the MLA development fund, have not been carried out
  • Drinking water problems have been ignored
  • Work on the flyover in Retteri, Papermills road and Red hills road is at a standstill
  • Old age pension has not been sanctioned to 415 applicants
  • Out of the six crores MLA fund allotted, Rs. 4.76 crores worth works in the constituency are yet to be executed
Kolathur MLA MK Stalin said, “The massive protest today is to highlight the apathy of ADMK govt and Chennai Corporation towards the people of Kolathur, I once again reiterate, that political differences is not a reason to show hostility towards the people and public welfare. I hope the government shows maturity in its outlook and expedites the work on these projects and keeps in mind that its first and only duty is to ensure the peoples welfare.”

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