MK Stalin visits Poompuhar Nagar, Vasantham Colony, and Rajaji Nagar among others

It is customary for Kolathur MLA MK Stalin to visit various areas of the Kolathur Constituency, periodically. The recently launched telephone helpline for the residents of Kolathur has brought the constituents closer to Thalapathy. Within 3 weeks of launch of the helpline, hundreds of civic issues in Kolathur constituency have been solved. MK Stalin has empowered the Kolathur residents with the helpline to reach him from the comfort of their homes, yet he continues to personally visit the different areas to meet the residents and serve them in the capacity of Kolathur MLA.   

The recent rains had badly damaged several roads in the Kolathur area. Although a dedicated team of volunteers worked at its best to set things right, the stagnant rain water hasn’t receded in a few of the areas including Poompuhar Nagar and Vasantham colony. The drainage block in Yammuna Nagar and the uncleared garbage in Rajaji Nagar pose a severe health threat to the residents. Thalapathy visited the areas and asked the concerned government officials to take immediate action. The government officials have promised to resolve the issues within a couple of days. 

Thalapathy also visited the Villivakam railway station road and the residents submitted petitions requesting him to take steps to widen the road and increase the frequency of garbage clearance. MK Stalin provided the assurance that the matter would be looked into. Thalapathy also visited the Periyar Nagar government hospital and enquired about the infrastructure and sanitation facilities.    

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