New Road Laid - Early Success of Reach Your MLA Helpline

Thalapathy MK Stalin has been expanding the ways of connecting with the residents of Kolathur constituency under the Reach Your MLA program. Although there are various means, such as interactive website, online forms, and MLA office at Kolathur to reach Thalapathy, he is always on the lookout for new, simple ways to be of service to the people.  In line with this belief Thalapathy introduced a telephone helpline, 78108 78108. The complaints received through the helpline are assigned to a dedicated team of volunteers who are responsible for the resolution of the complaints under his personal supervision. Residents of Kolathur have to simply dial 78108 78108 and state their complaints which are quickly solved.

Amutha a resident from Kolathur had registered her complaint about the bad condition of the road in Abirami Nagar with the helpline. The road was badly damaged due to the heavy rains and the potholes made the commute dangerous. The stagnant water on the road not only posed health threats to the residents, but was source of pest infestation. Upon receiving the complaint, Thalapathy MK Stalin issued orders to look into the matter and also keep her informed about the progress in the work. The dedicated team worked with the concerned authorities and made sure that the road was laid immediately.  

Amutha, appreciative of Thalapathy MK Stalin’s initative , had this to say about the Reach Your MLA Helpline. “We are really happy to see a new road being built here. I complained about bad road to 78108 78108 and the department began the work in 2 days and completed in 6 days. The team constantly followed up with the officials and kept me informed. I also got regular SMS status updates while the road was being laid.”

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