M K Stalin condemns the Chennai Corporation for its apathy

Former deputy chief-minister and Kolathur constituency MLA visited the flood affected areas of his constituency and condemned the Chennai Corporation for its lack of concern to complete the infrastructure projects initiated by his government that would have greatly reduced the sufferings of the residents of Kolathur. 

Speaking to the media, he said, “The Chennai Corporation’s lack of effort in de-silting the storm water drains in spite of repeated requests and complaints is regrettable.  I and my staff are working to provide all possible support in the affected areas and I demand Chennai Corporation to provide timely assistance to the people.”

M K Stalin inspected K.K.R. Avenue, State Bank Colony and Madurai Sami Madam in the 68th division; Sivasakthi Nagar, Sivasakthi Nagar Extn. and Mahatma Gandhi Nagar in the 64th division; Vivekanandar Salai and Krishna Nagar areas the 65th division in Kolathur.

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