Residents of Kolathur submitted their petitions to MLA MK Stalin at his office

Today, Thalapathy MK Stalin met the people of the constituency at the Kolathur MLA office and received petitions and patiently listened to their problems. Members from the association of Marianayagam Street in Kolathur presented a petition, which mentioned that the road was on a higher plane than that of their houses and that the rain waters enter their homes during the rainy season. They requested him to provide a suitable solution.

The welfare association of 66th ward in the Peravallur also submitted a petition stating that there was no supply of drinking water through the pipelines for nearly a year. Their repeated complaints to the concerned officials fell on deaf ears. They requested him to look into the matter and ensure a permanent supply of drinking water through the pipelines.

MK Stalin promised them to send the petitions to the concerned officials in the capacity of an MLA and get things done at the earliest. Thalapathy Stalin also ordered his staff to send the petitions to the concerned officials and asked them to follow up on remedial measures. He also requested the party members to meet the officials in person to get the job done.

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