Inspection at Retteri and Villivakkam area

Kolathur is blessed with an MLA who is really concerned about the people that elected him as the representative for the State Legislative Assembly. It has been a tradition for the politicians to visit their constituencies once in five years. However, MK Stalin, the treasurer and vibrant leader of the youth wing of the DMK is all set to change the trends. In spite of DMK not being in power, MK Stalin has never ceased to work for the betterment of his constituency.

In fact, he has been more active than ever, visiting every nook and corner of the Kolathur constituency. Not only does he keep one to one relationship with the people of his constituency, but he also continuously monitors the progress of developmental works in his constituency.

On 21st September, MK Stalin was on an inspection spree checking the various developmental works in the Kolathur area. He was literally saddened by the plight of the proposed bridges at Retteri and Villivakkam that were sanctioned during DMK government. The bridges were proposed in order to ease the traffic flow and to provide connectivity to the residents of Kolathur. In spite of knowing the benevolence of the plan, the current government has turned a deaf ear to the pleas of the people regarding the projects. The only reason for the indifference of the government is that the projects were conceived during the DMK regime.

MK Stalin feels that political differences should never be a hindrance, when it comes to serving the people. According to him the government should only speed up all constructive projects that would benefit people in an unbiased manner. He personally appealed the ADMK government to complete the projects without any more delay.

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